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Finding & Leveraging Inner Power        

Inner Power comes from taking ownership of your situation.As I mentioned last time, I have written a chapter - 5 Ps to Make Life-Enhancing Changes - in a book called The Power to Change that will be published soon. Today I want to talk about the second P - Power.  To make important changes in your life you need to feel both your pain and your power.Empowerment is one of the most critical steps on the road to living a more fulfilled life.

 If you are angry or blame others for your pain then you are giving your

power to others. Once you are able to say “I am responsible for my pain”

then you open the door to feeling more confident and to finding the 

courage to create change. Change that will allow you to claim the life you

really want and deserve!

In my chapter I outline an exercise to help you really own your situation. 

Acceptance and ownership put you in the driver’s seat. This is not about

blaming yourself, it is about owning your life situation and with that

ownership comes the power to make decisions and choices going

forward that will lead you to more fulfillment.  

So the next time you start to blame someone else (your boss, your parents,

your spouse - all very common targets), know that with blame comes

dependence on someone or something else for a solution. Try to reframe your situation and take responsibility for your role so you can claim your power to create change!

The Power to Change telesummit has begun. Each of the authors of the book are being interviewed and give great advice on how to create change. If you are interested in hearing my interview (Nov. 10th at 4pm ET) please click on the link, scroll down the page and sign up now:


Leveraging Your Pain Point        

    Identifying your pain can propel you into action!As you may know, I have written a chapter in a book called Power to Change that was published in November, 2011. My chapter is entitled 5 Ps to Make Life-Enhancing Changes. Today I want to talk about the first P - your Pain Point.

The premise is that unless you identify and really feel the emotional pain in some aspect of your life, you may continue to live in a way that feels  okay but not great.  In other words, you may be settling for the status quo even though you know you could be happier or more fulfilled. The ego likes the status quo because, as I have mentioned before, a big part of the ego's role is to keep you safe and comfortable. So in order to step up and makes changes in your life, a good first step is to acknowledge and feel your pain at the level of your heart.

In my chapter I suggest an exercise where you start with a rational description of what you think your pain is (for example; frustration in a long-term relationship) and eventually tap into your heart to uncover your deep-felt emotional pain point (ex. I don't love and respect myself). This process and the discovery of
your true pain - which, as per the example, may look quite different than what you had rationally outlined, brings three things to the surface. The first is a sense of motivation, the second a feeling of empowerment and the third,possible solutions that you may not have even considered before.  Next time I will talk about leveraging the second P - Power

Wayne Dyer's Cancer Journey     

  “I never use words like kill or attack or fight or win when it comes to cancer.” Wayne DyerI recently had the privilege of interviewing Wayne Dyer, international speaker, spiritual leader and author of over 30 books. He was diagnosed with cancer over two years ago and is still living with cancer but  feeling and looking better than he ever has.  In the interview he shares his personal philosophy on healing, offers the world a new view of cancer, explains why he feels he got cancer and talks about his key healing tools including mantras, yoga, meditation, swimming and being of service to others. 

To read the full article, please visit MY NEW BLOG at 

5 P's to make Life Changes

    Purpose and Passion are key to leading a fulfilled life! My book is called The Power to Change and has just been published. My chapter is entitled 5 Ps to Make Life-Enhancing Changes. Over the next few tips I am going to explore the essence of my approach to making significant life changes less daunting.

The 5 Ps:

1.    Pain – Identifying your emotional Pain Point that triggers the desire to change

2.    Power – Feeling and igniting your Inner Power that gives you courage and drive

3.    Permission – Establishing inner alignment and Permission around the changes you want to make

4.    Passion – Learning how to discover your Passion and enjoy the excitement and energy that goes with it

5.    Purpose – Experiencing increased flow and ultimately inner peace and fulfilment by living on PurposeIn.

My chapter I discuss the importance of understanding the interplaybetween the ego and the soul in term of facilitating change in your life.  Your soul has your higher good and spiritual development as its focus. Its job is to lead you down the path to your true purpose. Your ego’s job is to help you establish your identity as an individual and a big part of its role is to keep you safe and reasonably happy.  So your ego likes stability and often feels threatened by or resists change because it perceives change as risky.  I developed the 5 P process to help guide people through change in a way that allows them tolisten to their soul and at the same time get buy-in and support from their ego so they won’t sabotage their own efforts to create change.

The next tip will talk about identifying your pain point and why it is such an important first step.