Creating Transformative Spiritual Practices

-  4-week Online Course

Do you dream of being the calmest and most patient version of yourself?

We call this course transformative because we don’t just help you adopt & integrate practices like meditation, mindfulness and gratitude, we also give you tools and coaching to help you…

  • Become aware & intentional in terms of your thoughts, emotions & behaviors
  • Think & react differently, especially under stress or when your buttons are pushed!
  • Let go of judgment and adopt a new view of challenges on your path
  • Improve your interactions and make your relationships more harmonious

Learn to live at the level of your best self... a self that is:

  • Aligned with your values like patience, compassion, understanding
  • Truly present and at peace with what is
  • More in control of your emotions and moods
  • More energized and less stressed
  • Happier and more at peace

4 Common excuses we'll help you overcome...

Do youknow  that spiritual practices would help you stay more calm & grounded all day?  Yet you think you...

  • don't have the time to get through your current daily activities without adding new ones!
  • can't slow down your mind enough to meditate
  • are too addicted to multi-tasking to be able to be truly focused & mindful
  • don't haveenough discipline to develop and stick to a daily spiritual practice?

You are not alone.  Many of our clients used to hide behind these excuses and this is why Galen, a fellow coach and spiritual advisor and I decided to create this course and really empower participants to create rituals that don't take a lot of extra time but have a great impact!

Course Details:

  • Introduction to Spiritual Practices recorded call (1hr.) 
  • 3 Recorded course calls of 1.5hrs to listen to over 4 weeks or longer
  • Jackie's 15-minute guided Mindfulness Meditation that makes meditation easy!
  • Easy to follow outlines of your homework and worksheet.
  • Now Only $39

PS. For Canadian clients please use the coupon code: canada when you pay.

The course can now be purchased and listened to at your convenience through recorded calls and homework follow ups.


I used to resent the need for spiritual practices. There are parts of me that resist the discipline and resent the effort required to develop spiritually. The Spiritual Practices course I took with Jackie and Galen helped me get beyond that resistance to a point now where I look forward to my practice and have fun with exercising some of the multiple modalities I learned in the course.

I highly recommend the program if you are looking to expand your choice of practices and tools, or want to deepen your work in a focused way.  Jackie and Galen are caring and knowledgeable guides who can help you on your journey.

Tom Rausch, leadership coach and culture consultant

Jackie’s 15-minute Guided Meditation, which I have been practicing consistently, has brought me to a place where I now feel that my meditations are going well, to my satisfaction, and I notice a more quiet mind every time I practice. This has also contributed to a general feeling of more “quietness” and peace during major parts of my day.

The other major item is my bringing to my awareness more often how often my comparing and judging occurs during a day. Both of your reminders to practice “None-judgment” have helped in a major way and I am so grateful for this newfound shift in my thinking.

Hardy, True Purpose Coach and previous course participant

Jackie's Profile:

Jackie is a meditation teacher and has her own meditation website, she is also a certified Yoga Instructor (Yoga Bliss Research and Training Institute) and a Certified True Purpose Coach and a cancer healing coach. She has been practicing Transcendental Meditation (TM) and yoga daily for over 20 years. She has also pursued studies in TM, Belief Closet, Parts Work, Ayurvedic Medicine, Creative Meditation and Visualization, Reiki as well as Spiritual Psychotherapy and Psycho-oncology. She has developed a specialty practice coaching cancer patients.

Galen's Profile:

Galen just completed his Doctorate in spiritual transformation and is a spiritual advisor, minister, organizational consultant, and professional coach.  He is known for helping clients get ‘unstuck’ and effectively back “on-track”.  He draws from more than 600 hours of professional coaching and specialized assessment training. He holds two post-graduate degrees and is currently in a doctoral program developing ways to use spiritual practices in transforming individuals and groups. He is ordained by the EFCA and certified by the Coaches Training Institute, Dream Coach University, and APT International. He has served clients throughout North America, in the Caribbean, and in Asia.