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Daily meditation - the foundation of a peaceful life and a strong immune system!

I used to have a high paced career in marketing and soon found the stress affecting my 
work and my personal life. That is when I turned to meditation. I have been meditating
twice daily for more than 20 years now. 

To me, meditation is like recharging your spiritual, emotional and physical batteries everyday. Meditation quiets your mind and relaxes the body to a point where optimal healing takes place. Healing takes place in priority sequence so if you have constant stress in your life, that is what your body will deal with first. If you are over tired you may fall asleep during your meditation. This will change with time as your body benefits from the deep rest you get with each meditation. Regular meditation with help decrease fatigue and stress levels so the body can take care of other needs like giving you more energy, more focus, internal cleansing of toxins and boosting of the immune system (a well documented benefit of meditation - I rarely get colds now whereas before I started to meditate they seemed to be back-to-back).

In order to help you become a meditator, I have developed some guided Meditations. If you want to get started right away, please listen to the guided meditation at the bottom of this page. To receive your own copy of the meditation for $1.99, you can click on the Buy Now button below.  After you download it you can listen to it on your computer, burn it to a CD or transfer it to your iPod or MP3 player.  I suggest you try listening to it everyday, twice a day if possible.

Ideally, try to do your first meditation first thing in the morning when the world is quieter. Your second meditation can be in the afternoon or just before bed. Meditate twice a day and see the magical transformation that will take place in your life - more energy, more patience, a stronger immune system and a greater connection with your higher self.

Who can meditate? 
  • Everyone can! Why? Silence is the natural state of the mind, a state that the mind longs to go back to. Like a body of water that returns to stillness when the wind has subsided.
  • But, it does take practice to tame the thinking mind. That is why I have developed the guided meditations so that you will be able to feel supported throughout your experience.

Meditation basics: 

  • Meditation is about being, not doing.  Don't try to focus, just be in the moment
  • There should be no goals or objectives, bring a sense of innocence to your practice
  • Don’t get discouraged if thoughts come (even if they feel continuous) or start to judge your performance
  • Accept what happens; acknowledge thoughts if they come, then release them. Think of them as clouds passing by. Don't be tempted to control them, count them or block them out.
  • Trust that your body knows what is best for you; ex. falling asleep, later it may be healing of old wounds
  • Find a comfortable seated position and be still, fidgeting stimulates the mind
  • Try to meditate in the same place and at about the same time everyday.  The body and mind love routine.  
  • Practice 15-20 minutes/day.
  • Remember, the two most important things in terms of developing a meditation practice are discipline and non-judgement. 

What happens during meditation? 

    • The mind quiets; deep healing takes place most when the mind is out of the way
    • The body's immune response is enhanced
    • Heart rate and metabolism slow down, O2 consumption decreases more and much quicker than during sleep.
    • The nervous system gets rejuvenated.
    • Meditation is making contact with your source, the source of infinite energy.
    • We do this through our inner or subtle body
    • 20 min. of deep meditation is said to equal 3-4 hours of sleep
    • With practice it takes less 5 min. to reach a 3am deep sleep level 

Try meditating now


Jackie Roberge

Mindfulness meditation - a great tool to use to start your meditation practice.