Passion is the magic ingredient that spices up your life ! Follow your passion, find your purpose!

Time for you...

Many of the women I work with are broaching on middle-age

and reflecting on the next chapter of their life. 

If you are at the stage where your children have grown up or just

don't need you as much you may be starting to feel like it is time

to invest in you. Time to start exploring your  dreams and passions.

You may be passionate about many things and are not sure what

direction to take or where to start. Or you may feel out of touch with

your dreams and need help in reigniting or finding a passion.

What is your Life Purpose?

I define life purpose as using your unique strengths, talents and gifts in a way that makes the most meaningful contribution in the world or, I could simply say ‘Discovering the Difference you are Meant to Make’. Your sweet spot, what you do naturally and easily – what you were put here to do!

Does Everyone has a Purpose?

Yes, I believe everyone has a special purpose to serve.  Doing your life purpose is always about serving in some way because as humans, we all have an inherent need to contribute or to help others. This is how we experience the deep levels of fulfillment that come with finding and living your purpose.

What does it feel like to live your life 'on purpose'?

  • It brings a deep and enduring sense of satisfaction and fulfillment. 
  • You feel more energized and passionate.
  • When you discover and pursue your purpose it brings a sense of flow or ease into your life.
  • Synchronicities increase and you may start to feel more and more guided and supported.
  • Struggles start to transform, confusion is lifted, your life direction becomes clear and the path unfolds in front of you. 
  • This is not to say that you won’t have challenges – because you will!  But you will be able to see the challenges as growth opportunities and not dead ends.

"Follow your bliss and the universe will open doors where there were only walls."

                                                   — Joseph Campbell: Was an American Mythologist, writer and lecturer

Here are the steps I take people through to find and start living their purpose:

1)    Sharing your situation; challenges, dreams and intentions, reviewing the overall process; setting the context and framework.

2)    Purpose Hunting exercise: here we look at past experiences and dreams and uncover patterns or themes that are present in your life. These serve as signposts as we explore your purpose in greater detail.

3)    Identifying and releasing your fears; fears have a way of limiting your ability to identify your purpose and can block your progress along the purpose path so they are dealt with using a variety of tools and techniques.

4)    Exploring your strengths; reviewing your strengths and how to leverage them.

5)    Tuning into your inner wisdom and guidance; whether it be through body sensations or that little voice inside, I help you create an openness to leverage the richness of the knowledge that lies within.

6)    Connecting to your personal source of inspiration and information; this may be your soul or God or your guardian angel, we all have guides in our life.  This step puts you in direct contact with your source and allows you to find greater clarity of purpose. 

7)    Mapping or charting the next chapter in your life story; once you have purpose information I help you work on an action plan (or Manifestation plan) to enable you to start to live your purpose to whatever degree feels right for you. 

NB: Remember that your life purpose is not a job or a career.  It is something that you do naturally and easily to help others.  It can be used at work or your can build a career around it but you can also live your purpose through volunteer positions or in your life in general as a friend, family member or confidante.

If what you have read resonates with you and you want to find and start really living with more zest and passion and fulfillment please contact me now: