Your Purpose is Calling

- Are you Ready?

Find out what all the buzz is about life purpose these days!

Certified life purpose and holistic cancer coach, Jackie Roberge will be taking you through an interactive presentation that will cover:

  • What is life purpose and what are the key elements to help you hone in on yours
  • Something magical that happens once you are curious about your purpose
  • Strategies and tools to help you tune into the guidance from your higher self
  • 5 Steps and 5 Questions that will allow you to start really exploring your calling

You will leave with the concrete guidance and inspiration needed to open up to ‘hearing’ your calling and feeling the passion and fulfillment that comes from living a purposeful life!

When:   Oct. 12th at 7-9pm

Where:  West Island Cancer Wellness Centre
115 rue Du Barry, Kirkland, Quebec H9H 0C4