Purpose Hunting (3 one-hour individual sessions - via Skype, phone or in-person)

During the 3 one-on-one sessions, I will using a technique that I have been licensed to use to explore times in your life when you felt ‘in flow’, energized and passionate. We will also look at past and future dreams you may have about what you have always wanted. 

When we are doing things in life that support our purpose our soul gives us positive feedback. We feel fulfilled, joyful, like we are making a difference.  Exploring these events in greater detail allows us to come up with themes that can point you towards your passions and your purpose!

Passion Hunting Package Price: $300

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Find and Live your Life Purpose Package (min. of 3 months of individual coaching)

PLUS Bonuses:

  • Jackie's Purpose Finding video
  • Ideal Day' guided meditation
  • 10 Spiritual Principles to Live By (a 'cheat sheet' of Jackie's most frequently used coaching tips for living a better, more purposeful and more joy filled life!)

Here are the steps I will take you through, at your pace, so that you can find and start living your life with more peace, passion and purpose. My guarantee is that I will keep working with you until we have defined your purpose and created a plan for you to start manifesting it!

1)    Sharing your situation; challenges, dreams and intentions, reviewing the overall process; setting the context and framework.

2)    Purpose Hunting exercise: here we look at past experiences and dreams and uncover patterns or themes that are present in your life. These serve as signposts as we explore your purpose in greater detail.

3)    Identifying and releasing your fears; fears have a way of limiting your ability to identify your purpose and can block your progress along the purpose path so they are dealt with using a variety of tools and techniques.

4)    Exploring your strengths; reviewing your strengths and how to leverage them.

5)    Tuning into your inner wisdom and guidance; whether it be through body sensations or that little voice inside, I help you create an openness to leverage the richness of the knowledge that lies within.

6)    Connecting to your personal source of inspiration and information; this may be your soul or God or your guardian angel, we all have guides in our life.  This step puts you in direct contact with your source and allows you to find greater clarity of purpose. 

7)    Mapping or charting the next chapter in your life story; once you have purpose information I help you work on an action plan (or Manifestation plan) to enable you to start to live your purpose to whatever degree feels right for you. 

NB: Remember that your life purpose is not a job or a career.  It is something that you do naturally and easily to help others.  It can be used at work or your can build a career around it but you can also live your purpose through volunteer positions or in your life in general as a friend, family member or confidante.

Please contact me to set up a time to talk about finding your purpose, feeling more fulfilled and living with more spark and energy!

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