I have been a coach for over 10 years and a business consultant and facilitator for over 18 years and a marketing executive for 12 years. I am passionate about helping people perform at their best at work and at home and in order to do this I believe that people have to feel at their best - happy, healthy, strong and energized. In business today too many executives are getting run down and burned out because of the constant level of pressure to perform - to do more with less. I want to bring the mantra 'Leaders that live well, lead well' to enlightened companies, companies that are progressive, forward thinking, open minded and realize the importance of taking a holistic approach to supporting their more valuable resource.

Business & Beyond - Whole Person Coaching for Enlightened Companies:

Our mission is to help enlightened organizations gain a competitive advantage by elevating their leaders to their full potential at work and in their personal lives. Our whole person coaching and training program gives employees the knowledge, tools and strategies they need to achieve high performance while creating more balance and alignment. The result is more energized, productive, resilient, optimistic and committed employees.

Business & Beyond -

Whole Person Coaching for Enlightened Companies!