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Weekly Tips to Reflect On

Finding & Leveraging Inner Power

Inner Power comes from taking ownership of your situation. As I mentioned last time, I have written a chapter - 5 Ps to Make Life-Enhancing Changes - in a book called The Power to Change that will be published soon. Today I want to talk about the second P - Power. To make important changes in your life you need to feel both your pain and your power.Empowerment is one of the most critical steps on the road to living a more fulfilled life.

If you are angry or blame others for your pain then you are giving your power to others. Once you are able to say “I am responsible for my pain” then you open the door to feeling more confident and to finding the courage to create change. Change that will allow you to claim the life you really want and deserve!


By Jackie Roberge

Here is a real-life example, from the book someone touched by meditation and how meaningful his shift was. Here's what Bob said;

"Meditation gives me a mastery of my own mind and body I never had before. It calms me down enough so that I can put things into perspective and see what's happening , not only around me but also inside myself. It may seem crazy, but to be perfectly honest I must admit I'm grateful to have had cancer, because meditation set me on a different life path. It transformed the way I live with my family, with the people around me. It had given me a sense of direction that I did not have before."

I encourage you to read through my site and experiment with bringing meditation into your life. I have developed guided meditations to help you establish your practice and set your new life course.

If you have any questions or would like to sign up for my beginners meditation course, please feel free to contact me at jackie@peacefullife.ca.

Namaste and much love,


Immune Primer Meditation

Meditation can help increase the immune response. Please send Jackie an e-mail to receive a free immune booster guided meditation.


The Transformative Power of Meditation 

"Silence is the natural state of the mind" 
Dr. Madan Bali 

This may be hard to believe because if you are like me, your mind probably always feels quite active and not so quiet! Well meditation is a way of accessing and delving into that silence.  It is a way of connecting with your true nature, your Soul or Spirit.

Over time, and with a regular practice, you will feel the incredible shift that meditation can help you make.  Moving towards your true nature means that life and how you see it changes.  There is a surrendering, an acceptance of what is.  And you develop a silent, inner knowing that all that comes into and out of your life has a purpose. With this comes a sense of peace and an understanding that everything and everyone is a teacher.  The more challenges you face, the more you will grow, develop and evolve into your spiritual nature. This natures includes more love, compassion, forgiveness, lightness and wisdom.